Download The Thing Movie - The Thing (2011 Movie) Download

The Thing

Release Date :2011-10-14

Duration : 103 min

Director :Matthijs van Heijningen Jr

Celebrities :Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Ulrich Thomsen  

Genre : Sci-Fi   

Plot :

Some researchers are working at a research site in Antarctica, the most beautiful continent of the world. While working on their research, Kate who is a student discovers something buried into the ice. When that is taken out, it was actually a thing which is alien to all of them. It came back to life and they found that it could actually take the form of any living thing. Kate and Dr. Sander Halvorson had a confrontation regarding that alien and Kate gets a partner Sam Carter, who is a helicopter pilot to support her point of view as the alien spreads like an epidemic among the researcher’s group.  

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