Gonzalo Lopez - Safely Download Apollo 18 movie with superb Horror

Decades-old found footage from NASA's abandoned Apollo 18 mission, where two American astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the reason the U.S. has never returned to the moon.

  Download Apollo 18 Movie

Officially, Apollo 17, launched December 17th, 1972 was the last manned mission to the moon. But a year later, in December of 1973, two American astronauts were sent on a secret mission to the moon funded by the US Department of Defense. What you are about to see is the actual footage which the astronauts captured on that mission. While NASA denies its authenticity, others say it's the real reason we've never gone back to the moon.

Due to budgetary constraints, scheduling issues and other various setbacks, the final few Apollo missions of the 1960s and 70s were cancelled. Apollo 18, 19 and 20 were all planning to take astronauts to the surface of the Moon again but it just wasn’t meant to be. In early 1970, they pulled the plug on the Apollo 20 mission and later that year NASA also put an end to the Apollo 18  & 19 missions.

But what if Apollo 17 wasn’t actually the last Apollo Lunar mission? What if Apollo 18 actually did happen covertly and conducted its scheduled landing in February of 1972 and found alien life? This is the story behind the upcoming film written by Brian Miller, simply titled Apollo 18.

Download Apollo 18 

The Weinstein Company​ picked up the rights to Miller’s Apollo 18 screenplay and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) is attached to produce. Trevor Cawood, a visual effects artist who worked on such films as The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions​, was attached to direct the “found footage” documentary-style, sci-fi thriller, but the latest news has Spanish director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego stepping in to helm the project.

The theatrical trailer for the found-footage thriller Apollo 18 has been released. It’s pretty much Paranormal Activity in space, as it uses the same stationary/hand-held camera set-up and the scares consist of shadows and people being thrashed around by invisible entities. Seriously, the similarities between this film and Paranormal Activity border on carbon copy. That being said, if the found-footage genre is your thing, then this is probably right up your alley.

Produced by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted), the story revolves around archived footage that reveals the U.S. launched one last secret mission to the moon before the Apollo program was terminated. As expected, the American astronauts encounter much more than moon rocks. Hit the jump to check out the trailer. Apollo 18 opens September 2nd.

Every single year Hollywood puts out a movie that is based off a true story. Last year it was the movie Unstoppable and this year it is Apollo 18. I have no idea how much truth there is to the Apollo 18 flight and the reason I finally started doing some looking into it is because of a recent comment that Dimension Films head Bob Weinstein said to EW. He told them quote;

“People intrinsically know there are secrets being held from us,… There are secrets that are really true to the world. It’s not bogus. …. We didn’t shoot anything, We found it. Found baby!”

Needless to say I laughed when I read that he was trying to sell us on an Apollo 18 mission that encountered an alien life form on the Moon that was secretly recorded and kept under wraps until now. But that does not stop some of you from believing that not only did Apollo 18 happen but so did Apollo 19 and Apollo 20 with some pretty shocking outcomes.

Just from watching the trailer for Apollo 18 it is hard to believe it is not Hollywood produced. Frankly there are scenes in JJ Abrams Cloverfield that looked more plausible then this new Apollo 18 movie.

That said in doing some looking it seems that there is a large group of believers who believe full heartedly that something strange did happen on the moon and that there is good reason we have never returned to the lunar planet. Most of this revolves around footage from Apollo 20 and interviews by William Rutledge one of the astronauts who now lives in Africa who not only went to the moon but claims to have entered a crashed alien craft and recovered an alien that has been called the Mona Lisa EBE.

William Rutledge was the Commander of Apollo 20 which is clearly not Apollo 18 which leads to the question what does William Rutledge have to do with Apollo 18? Well he is the only one that seems to talk about the flight from the limited reading I have done this morning. NASA doesn’t deny Apollo 18 existed so why is William the only one who talks about the Apollo 18 moon landing? Well that is where there is some truth in the trailer.

The Apollo 18, 19 and 20 flights were cancelled NASA and never happened. So why does William Rutledge have footage and technical knowledge of the flight and conducting interviews where he talks in detail about the flight of Apollo 20?  Did Apollo 18 meet its demise on the Lunar surface at the hands of some sort of alien life form? Did it bring something back? Did William Rutledge and Apollo 20 also discover Alien life?

Frankly I can find very little reference to the Flight of Apollo 18 but a variety of sites have interviews with William Rutledge Commander of Apollo 20  and there is plenty of information on Apollo 20 and some on Apollo 19 which just begs more questions, what happened to Apollo 18? Did that flight happen as well and get covered up?

To sum up NASA’s stance is Apollo 18 / 19 and 20 did not happen. From the perspective of William Rutledge who has released photos and videos onto youtube under the aliased ‘retiredafb’ Apollo 20 took place on August 16th 1976. It was a joint Russian, American project to go to the moon and investigate the object on the hidden side of the moon and retrieve it. Do some looking on the web and you will find plenty of photos and a few videos and lots of details on the flights.

Ask yourself do you believe that Apollo 18 was as Commander Rutledge calls it ‘a mission to the moon to shake hands’? Or is it all a great big hoax? Did Commander William Rutledge and Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and Leona Snyder really go the moon and did they really recover the alien life form below? Or is this all a well planned hoax? For me its a hoax but what do I know I spent a few hours reading and am by no means an expert.

Footage of An Alien Craft on the Surface of the Moon on the Apollo 20 flight released supposedly by William Rutledge.

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Alain Corneau - Safely Download Love Crime movie with superb Mystery

Ruthless executive Christine brings on Isabelle as her assistant, and she takes delight in toying with the young woman's innocence. But when the protégé's ideas become tempting enough for Christine to pass one as her own, she underestimates Isabelle's ambition and cunning -- and the ground is set for all out war.

The final film from director Alain Corneau, Love Crime pits the fiery talents of Ludivine Sagnier and Oscar-nominee Kristin Scott Thomas against each other in a deliciously twisted tale of office politics that turn, literally, cut-throat. When Christine, a powerful executive (Scott Thomas), brings on a naive young ingenue, Isabelle (Sagnier), as her assistant, she delights in toying with her naivete and teaching her hard lessons in a ruthless professional philosophy. But when the protege's ideas become tempting enough for Christine to pass one as her own, she underestimates Isabelle's ambition and cunning- and the ground is set for all out war. In this devilish, propulsive thriller, Corneau sets up the scenery expertly and his actors devour it.

When Christine, a powerful executive (Scott Thomas), brings on a naive young ingenue, Isabelle (Sagnier), as her assistant, she delights in toying with her naivete and teaching her hard lessons in a ruthless professional philosophy. But when the protege's ideas become tempting enough for Christine to pass one as her own, she underestimates Isabelle's ambition and cunning-- and the ground is set for all out war. In this devilish, propulsive thriller, Corneau sets up a the scenery expertly and his actors devour it.  

There's suspense to spare in the early stages of the French thriller Love Crime, directed by Alain Corneau. It's evident even in the apparently low-key opening scene, in which an executive, Christine (Kristin Scott Thomas) and her assistant, Isabelle (Ludivine Sagnier), are going over preparations for a business trip, and the air is filled with sexual tension, ambiguity and subtle but pointed assertion of power. Christine, we discover, likes to play games. She's excellent at her job, but one of the things she is particularly good at is taking credit for other people's work. She enjoys flattering, flirting with and making use of Isabelle. Her assistant, although smart and ambitious, is willing to go along with it.

Then as the stakes are raised, and the balance starts to shift, Christine makes her domination clear. Yet Isabelle is not necessarily ready to back down. Something has to give, and someone is going to pay.

When things are in flux, and the two actresses are at the centre of things, Love Crime - the late director's last film - can be fun to watch.

Scott Thomas is wonderfully cold and suave, and Sagnier can effortlessly combine unravelling fragility and gradually hardening resolve. But the plot begins to take over - an implausibly complicated yet rather obvious scenario that could do with a couple of extra twists. Rather than contemplating the tension of performance, we are resigned to watching the elements of the story click mechanically and rather drearily into place.

LOVE CRIME was Alain Corneau's last film. He died of lung cancer last year, aged 67, shortly after the film was released in France, which may mean that he knew he was dying during its production.

If so, there is no sign that this was some kind of culmination work. In fact, it's more of a departure, because it's a film about women. Corneau was best known internationally for Tous les Matins du Monde (All the Mornings of the World, 1991), in which Gerard Depardieu played a 17th-century musician, but Corneau's reputation in France was as an efficient director of hard-bitten police thrillers and crime dramas, such as Choice of Arms (1981) and Serie Noire (1979) - films about men in a man's world.

In the press notes for Love Crime, Corneau admits that he brought Nathalie Carter (Secret Defence) in to work with him on the script because he was struggling with the female characters. She apparently told him that his two heroines ''were more like men disguised as women, bursting with testosterone''. There is still some trace of that, but that's probably necessary for the story, set inside the Paris offices of a large American agri-business.

Christine (Kristin Scott Thomas) is a successful senior executive - polished, painted and ruthless. Isabelle (Ludivine Sagnier) is a talented, devoted acolyte who tries hard to be like her. Working late at home, Christine is more affectionate than in the office. She kisses the younger woman's neck, tells her she's pretty and gives her a beautiful scarf she's wearing. The vulnerable Isabelle feels a strong attraction.

Christine is single but she has a convenient sexual relationship with Philippe (Patrick Mille), an executive at a company supplying services to the agri-business.

She sends Isabelle in her place to close a deal in Cairo, so Philippe goes in support. Isabelle falls easily into his arms. She wants desperately to be her boss, but she's afraid of her own weakness. Isabelle is ordered, neat, lonely and dedicated only to work.

She allows Christine to take all her best ideas and pass them off as her own, although she is shocked at how brazenly she does it. Isabelle learns a lesson: she develops her next good idea in secret. Christine's reaction is volcanic. She declares war, and one of her weapons is public humiliation.

This is where Corneau's purpose becomes clear, as he returns to a variation of the kind of crime thriller in which he specialised. He called it a Fritz Lang idea but it might just as easily have attracted Hitchcock.

It's a technical problem: if someone commits a murder for which they will immediately be suspected, how can they get away with it? That means the film has two distinct halves, one of which is more gripping than the other.

The first half is deliberately cold, with many scenes shot in a sterile office tower. These are slightly less than convincing, partly because they're so stylised. In the second half, Corneau has a job he likes more, putting together a tight plot with strong elements of surprise. He does this well enough to overcome the aridity of the earlier scenes.

The second technical problem is how to prevent it becoming histrionic, like an episode of Dallas, or simply manipulative, like a French variation on Damages (the American hit series in which Glenn Close and Rose Byrne conduct a private war in a corporate world). He never quite solves those problems, although they may work in the film's favour for some viewers.

With actors as accomplished as Scott Thomas and Sagnier, the film could hardly be dull, and it isn't. Sagnier's performance is superb, and a tribute to Corneau's skill with two very fine actors.

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Beto Gómez - Safely Download Saving Private Perez movie with superb Comedy

A Mexican crime lord is forced by his mother to plan a suicidal rescue mission to find his lost brother in the most unexpected place on Earth..

Download Saving Private Perez Movie

Julian Perez, Mexico's most notorious leader of organized crime, must embark on a mission given to him by the only authority he respects... his mother. Joined by a colorful band of infamous criminals, Julian must risk his life to fulfill his mother's wish & rescue his brother from the war-ridden bowels of the most treacherous land in the world,

Actors Miguel Rodarte and Gerardo Taracena told Efe that their new film, "Saving Private Perez," is based on an option open to many Mexicans coming to the United States in search of a better life - doing military service to obtain U.S. citizenship.

Rodarte plays Julian Perez, who goes to Iraq to rescue younger brother Juan, a private in the U.S. Army that he joined for exactly that reason.

Download Saving Private Perez

"Julian is a very important and powerful businessman as well as being involved in organized crime," the Mexican actor, currently in Miami promoting the film, said.

"His mother is not happy about the kind of life he leads and asks him to bring back alive his brother who is missing in action in Iraq," he said about the feature film that premieres in the United States next week.

In order to rescue his brother, Julian goes to his best friend Carmelo, played by Taracena, who helps him put a team together.

Despite the comic tone, the actors were aware that the film describes the situation of many Mexicans who emigrate to the United States to find a better life.

"The director (Beto Gomez) wanted to do this movie because he had some friends who ended up going to war in Iraq so they could become American citizens. Starting with that premise, he set out to make a film in which the Hispanic won out over all the obstacles," Taracena said.

About the comparison of his film with "Saving Private Ryan," Taracena said that "the patriotic motives in 'Saving Private Ryan' are substituted by maternal motives. In the former, the homeland calls for action. In mine, it's mom who asks for it. We Latinos know that a mother's voice is all-important," he said.

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David R. Ellis - Safely Download Shark Night 3D movie with superb Horror

If you didn’t get your fill of 3D dumb-fun horror with Final Destination 5 then get ready for Shark Night 3D!  Teens + shark = potentially satisfying film.  In the first clip from the film, we see a couple of guys feed Katherine McPhee to the underwater beasts.  Fun fact: sharks are immune from McPheever.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  The film also stars Sinqua Walls, Chris Carmack, Alyssa Diaz, Joel David Moore and Sara Paxton.  Shark Night 3D opens September 2nd.

A weekend at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf turns into a nightmare for seven vacationers as they are subjected to fresh-water shark attacks.

A sexy summer weekend turns into a blood-soaked nightmare for a group of college students trapped on an island surrounded by voracious underwater predators in Shark Night 3D, a terrifying thrill ride from director David Ellis (The Final Destination, Snakes On a Plane), featuring a red-hot young cast including Sara Paxton (Superhero Movie, Last House on the Left), Dustin Milligan ("90210," Slither), Chris Carmack ("The O.C."), Joel David Moore (Avatar), Chris Zylka (The Amazing Spider Man) and Katharine McPhee (The House Bunny). Arriving by boat at her family's Louisiana lake island cabin, Sara (Sara Paxton) and her friends quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of fun in the sun. But when star football player Malik (Sinqua Walls) stumbles from the salt-water lake with his arm torn off, the party mood quickly evaporates. Assuming the injury was caused by a freak wake-boarding accident, the group realizes they have to get Malik to a hospital on the other side of the lake, and fast. But as they set out in a tiny speedboat, the college friends discover the lake has been stocked with hundreds of massive, flesh-eating sharks! As they face one grisly death after another, Sara and the others struggle desperately to fend off the sharks, get help and stay alive long enough to reach the safety of dry land.

Download Shark Night 3D  

Is there any point in even discussing the “quality” of Shark Night 3D?

Well, there is, in the sense that you probably want to know: Is Shark Night a monster B-movie that celebrates it own trashiness (a la Piranha 3D) or is it one of those horror flicks that fails to recognized its own innate cheesiness -- and ends up being bad in a not-fun way?

Based on the Shark Night 3D trailer and the recently-released collection of clips, the answer seems to be “a bit of both.” It has the same setup as Piranha -- pretty, no-name actors and actresses on vacation get chomped up by killer fish (here, rare fresh-water sharks) -- and director David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane, the second and fourth Final Destination movies) was clearly aware that he was shooting a “glorified” exploitation flick when he made this.

The acting in Shark Night 3D looks as hokey as you’d expect, but it also seems like the film could’ve used some more experienced stars, similar to those in Piranha 3D (ex. Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd) who really have that self-aware, tongue-in-cheek style down pat.

 Here’s a fun drinking game idea for those planning to either watch Shark Night 3D at home, or by sneaking some sort of intoxicating beverage (heck, even plain soda will work) into the theater: take a shot every time a gratuitous camera angle of a woman in a bikini or a horror movie cliché (ex. when the sharks go after the token black guy first) pops up. Be careful, though, you’ll probably pass out after the first ten minutes.

There is one big factor working against the film: it’s Rated PG-13. Seriously, what’s the point of releasing a movie called Shark Night 3D if you’ve not going to go the whole nine yards and feature tons of R-Rated gore and nudity? It’s not as though it’s difficult to hit the lowest-common denominator, when you’re aiming for it.

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Alex Gregory - Safely Download A Good Old Fashioned Orgy movie with superb Comedy

A group of 30-year-olds who have been friends since high school attempt to throw an end-of-summer orgy.

Jason Sudeikis is Eric, a thirtysomething party animal famous among his close circle of friends for his lavish summer theme parties at his father's swanky Hamptons pad. But when members of the crew start settling down, and Eric's dad announces plans to sell the beach house, Eric decides it's time for one last bash to go out with a proverbial bang--a good old-fashioned orgy. The only obstacles to overcome are actually convincing each of his reluctant friends to join in on the bacchanal, and an inconveniently blossoming romance with the real estate agent threatening to sell the house out from under him before the main event can even take place.

A close group of 30-somethings spend every weekend throwing elaborate theme parties at their friend Eric's (Jason Sudeikis) family home in the Hamptons. When Eric's dad decides to sell off their summer playground, the friends agree there is only one way to have the biggest and brashest send off party, a good old fashioned orgy.

Download A Good Old Fashioned Orgy 

Now that he's a movie star, Jason Sudeikis seems to be setting his sights on taking down each and every social taboo.

The "Saturday Night Live" veteran cheated on his wife in "Hall Pass" and conspired to commit triple homicide in "Horrible Bosses," and in his next flick, he'll do his best to stage a wild night of group sex. Consider us sold.

In "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy," Sudeikis plays a 30-year old man-child named Eric who spends his 20s partying with his friends at his Hamptons house every summer weekend. When his parents decide to sell it, they make certain they go out with a bang -- literally -- planning a huge orgy.

In the process, the film tackles the difficulties of growing up and moving on, while still maintaining loyalty to your lifelong friends and the fun that always brought you together. But, in this newly released trailer, we mostly get wild flashbacks, sex jokes, Sudeikis charm and Lake Bell bringing the awkward. Which is way okay.

Co-starring Will Forte, Leslie Bibb, Tyler Labine, Martin Starr, Lucy Punch and more, the film hits theaters in November.

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Gil Luna - Safely Download Population: 2 movie with superb Drama

Every day, Lilith wanders the remains of civilization, scavenging what she can from the deserted refuse of what was once a bustling city. Every night, she returns to her home underneath the dead city and contemplates the past that has left her alone. Her story is told both through a look at her post-apocalyptic solitude as well as through flashbacks, slowly revealing the many twists and tragedies that brought her to her current position.

Download Population 2 movie to welcome a splurge of excitement in every nerve of your body. Jam-packed with scintillating action and shiver-triggering thrills, this movie is a must-watch for die hard excitement addicts. Not having even a minute of boring moments, Population 2 offers full value for the time you spare to get engrossed in your favorite pastime. To download its high-quality video, you need not to look beyond this place. Embedded with a wide array of user-friendly features, our website is a perfect online entertainment world.

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John Madden - Safely Download The Debt movie with superb Drama

The espionage thriller begins in 1997, as shocking news reaches retired Mossad secret agents Rachel (Helen Mirren) and Stephan (Tom Wilkinson) about their former colleague David (Ciarán Hinds). All three have been venerated for decades by their country because of the mission that they undertook back in 1966, when the trio (portrayed, respectively, by Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas, and Sam Worthington tracked down Nazi war criminal Vogel (Jesper Christensen) in East Berlin. At great risk, and at considerable personal cost, the team's mission was accomplished - or was it? The suspense builds in and across two different time periods, with startling action and surprising revelations


The espionage thriller begins in 1997, as shocking news reaches retired Mossad secret agents Rachel (Helen Mirren) and Stefan (Tom Wilkinson) about their former colleague David (Ciarán Hinds). All three have been venerated for decades by their country because of the mission that they undertook back in 1966, when the trio (Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas, and Sam Worthington) tracked down Nazi war criminal Vogel (Jesper Christensen) in East Berlin. At great risk, and at considerable personal cost, the team’s mission was accomplished – or was it? The suspense builds in and across two different time periods, with startling action and surprising revelations.

As a thriller, "The Debt" performs many if not all the right moves. The suspense builds nicely, the twists come as surprises and its key characters are vivid enough. Where the John Madden-directed film gets into trouble is in wanting to deal with the Holocaust without being entirely a period film. About half of the story takes place in 1997, but if you do the math, its Dr. Mengele-like Nazi villain would be positively ancient. Indeed, the climatic sequence must take place in a hospital for dementia, which is not where you want a thriller to end up. It's almost funny.

How hard would it have been to move everything back a couple of decades to the late '70s, when Mengele figures last made appearances in such films as "Marathon Man" and "The Boys From Brazil"?

If one ignores this puzzling oversight, "Debt" has a new take on the subgenre of Nazi-hunter movies. With Helen Mirren top-billed, the Miramax film could do modest business in adult venues when the film opens Dec. 29 following festival debuts at Deauville and Toronto.

The film, scripted by Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goodman and Peter Straughan, is based on an Israeli movie, "Ha-Hov," little seen outside that country. From the synopsis of the original, it would appear this film has improved on plot elements to make the characters in their middle age more sympathetic if not downright tragic.

It's initially difficult to get your footing as the movie cuts back and forth from 1966 Berlin and 1997 Tel Aviv. But it's clear soon enough that the focus is on three Mossad agents who, during the Cold War, capture a war criminal (Jesper Christensen), a physician who performed horrific experiments in the camps. The trouble is he hid in East Berlin, so the agents must smuggle him and themselves into West Berlin in a tricky operation that requires split-second timing.

Rachel (Jessica Chastain), on her first operational assignment, and David (Sam Worthington) pretend to be a married couple with infertility problems in order to trap the physician, who practices gynecology. Stefan (Marton Csokas) pretty much runs the operation out of a dismal upstairs flat in a decaying part of the city.

The close quarters help foster a sexual triangle among the trio in which David, who has fallen for Rachel, is unable to make the first move, but Stefan is more than willing. All are deeply damaged individuals, Holocaust survivors painfully aware of their own families' tragedies in Nazi Germany.

Thirty-one years later, the three are considered heroes in Israel. Rachel (Mirren) married Stefan (Tom Wilkinson), and a daughter has just written a book about her parents' legendary exploit. David (Ciaran Hinds) disappeared years ago to travel widely. Then his sudden re-appearance coinciding with the book's publication triggers a crisis for all three. It seems they have all hidden certain facts about their heroic deed.

The film moves briskly but not so fast as that it doesn't carefully delineate its four main characters: the three Mossad agents and their captive. The agents live in a ghost world of absent relatives. Their mission isn't for country or honor; its a blood oath from the living to the dead. So when things go wrong, this isn't just a botched spy mission, it's a debt that must be paid off.

The war criminal also makes a fascinating study in evil. Once the veneer of his bedside manner slips away, he is unrepentant and cagey, knowing just which buttons to push to agitate his captives. It's a cat-and-mouse game where the cat and mouse change roles.

Location work in Tel Aviv and Budapest and studio interiors in London blend well. All aspects of the production shine as Ben Davis' cinematography makes excellent use of Jim Clay's sets, and Thomas Newman's score gooses the tension in the film's many suspenseful moments.

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