Download The Rum Diary Movie - The Rum Diary (2011 Movie) Download

The Rum Diary

Release Date :2011-10-28 

Duration :    110    

Director :Bruce Robinson  

Celebrities :Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Aaron Eckhart       

Genre :  Drama   

Plot :

Paul Kemp, who is a freelance journalist, now works for a not so popular newspaper in Caribbean Island. He writes different articles for them and he does his work sincerely. He is able to create his own position among all others who are working as a member of a group. All these members of this group are driving themselves towards self-destruction and only Paul Kemp could secure a good position because of his work. While doing so, he has to face many challenges. He has to face many cruel truths about human relationships which are absurd and had never imagined of.   

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