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OK. First there's something I have to be honest about before you read this. I'm a guy. I like guy movies. Robots, Aliens, Guns. Things blowing up. Zombies I love that stuff. I'm not a romantic comedy kind of person. I've seen a few. I'm not crazy about them. If I were forced to name my favorite romantic comedy it would probably be Goodfellas. There was some, albeit brief, romance in it, and Joe Pesci was very funny in it. It's a romantic comedy. Kind of. So last night I find myself in a movie theater, with my wife, obediently watching 'What's Your Number'. And sadly I have to admit I loved it. I swear I tried not to but I couldn't help it. Anna Faris is cute, she's funny, she's sexy and you can't help but want it all to work out for her. Chris Evans is funny, extremely likable, and I guess if you're female you might like the fact that he's permanently semi-naked. The script is fast-paced and It made me laugh. The director nails the chemistry between the two of them in such a way that makes it impossible not to get emotionally involved. The production values are far above any similar budgeted movie that I have ever seen with crisp cinematography, energetic camera work and color palettes that seamlessly blend costume and scenery. And with Oliver Stone's Editor responsible for the final cut, there is an energy to the film that will drag you along, kicking and screaming if necessary. In fact, the only thing that would have improved it would have been a cocaine-fuelled Joe Pesci with a huge kitchen knife ands a body bag in the trunk. But you can't have everything. Would I recommend it to my female friends? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to my male friends? Of course I wouldn't. They would think I had gone mad. But hopefully they will go and see it regardless. Alone on a Sunday morning if necessary. No-one needs to know. I can guarantee they'll have a smile on their face for the rest of the day. 

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